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Survivor – Blood Vs. Water – San Juan Del Sur – Recap – 11/5/14

November 6th, 2014 · No Comments

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The Voice: Season 7, Final Night of Knockout Rounds, 11/3/14

November 5th, 2014 · No Comments

The Voice crammed all seven remaining knockout pairings into two hours on Monday night, finishing the knockout rounds for Season 7.  The knockout rounds force the judges to cut their fields from eight singers to four, plus steal one from another team.  Blake is the only judge left who can take a singer discarded from another team.  By the end of the night, the judges had their teams of five that will compete for viewers’ votes in the semi-finals next week:

1.  The evening begins with Blake matching what he calls his two “throwback vintage country-singin’ girls,” Alison Bray vs. Taylor Brashears.  They both pick Dixie Chicks songs.  Alison picks the uptempo “Sin Wagon,” and Blake points out a pitch problem as he coaches her.  Taylor picks “Landslide,” which began as a Fleetwood Mac rock ballad before the Dixie Chicks revived it.  Blake warns her about being pitchy, too.  Alison gives a performance that’s heavy on the big loud notes.  Taylor gives her song a more polished vocal, showing more range, but going for the big loud notes, too.  After the performances, Gwen says she’d pick Taylor.  Adam likes Alison.  Blake does pick Taylor, making her one of three Taylors in this year’s semi-final field.

2.  Gwen pairs her two remaining mainsteam pop singers:  Ryan Sill vs. Beth Spangler.  Both make mediocre song choices.  He gives “Miss Independent” (a Ne-Yo song) a boy-band flavor.  She picks an R&B song titled, “Too Little, Too Late,” but the hook is, “A little too late.”  Gwen coaches Ryan to unleash his inner charisma, milk the girls’ screams, and he does.  After the judges watch the performances, Adam advises he’d pick Ryan.  Gwen does pick Ryan Sill.  Blake says he didn’t steal the Southern-flavored Beth because he’s waiting for an artist he thinks can get him to the finale.

3.  Pharrell makes the only pairing he has left to make, and it’s a strange one.  His reggae guy, Menlick Zergabachew, goes against Jean Kelley, whose most prominent characteristic is that she sounds a little like Gwen Stefani.  There was a reggae edge to Stephani’s old group No Doubt, but Menlick might have paired more naturally against Maya Sykes, and Kelley might have been better off judged against Kariz Trinidad.   Zergabachew picks a Bob Marley song, “Could You Be Loved.”  Kelley picks the song “Chandelier,” and comes off as the more versatile singer.  Pharrell, perhaps thinking about who shows the most versatility, does pick Jean Kelley.  We’ll be waiting to hear her do a Gwen Stefani song.  Blake declines to steal Zergabachew, explaining that there’s a particular singer he’s waiting for.

4.  I’ve been thinking that if Adam doesn’t fill his final two slots with Matt McAndrew and Blessing Offor, he’s crazy.  If Adam cuts either guy and Blake doesn’t use his steal, Blake’s crazy.  Adam pairs Offor with one of the few vocalists who can make an even match, 20-year-old Chris Jamison.  It’s black R&B vs. white soul.  Offor shows his versatility by putting a soulful twist on John Mayer’s “Wonderland.”  Jamison’s the guy Adam accused of breaking the PA in a previous round.  He reaches back to the sixties for “Sittin’ on the Dock of the Bay.”  Pharrell judges Offor’s performance as a little pitchy and recommends picking Jamison.  Adam does pick Jamison, perhaps thinking he may have more contemporary appeal.  What’s less understandable is that Blake continues to sit stubbornly on his steal.  Of course, given the way the show’s edited, we don’t expect to see Blake’s steal until the last pairing of the night.

5.  For some reason the show is edited so that we only get a sound byte of Adam’s final pairing:  alt-rocker Matt McAndrew vs. Rebekah Samarin, who viewers never do learn a thing about.  We didn’t see her audition or her battle round.  We don’t see her now, either.  We just get a snatch of McAndrew singing “Drops of Jupiter.”  At least Adam does keep McAndrew in his final five.

6.  Blake pairs his teens, 16-year-old Grant Ganzer against 15-year-old Reagan James with her Kelly Clarkson tones.  Both make poor song choices.  He sings “Apologize” as white soul, when he needs a teen-appeal song.  She sings a forgettable R&B number, “Hit ‘em Up Style.”  Blake advises her it’s a tough song to sing but she sings it anyway.  Grant does show he’s got a big voice for a little guy, and Pharrell says he’d pick Grant.  However, Blake picks Reagan, and there’s nobody left who can steal Grant.  We’ll be waiting to see if James fulfills her promise as a potential teen Kelly Clarkson.

7.  Last pairing of the night, last pairing of this season’s knockout rounds, and there’s minimal suspense.  We know that Gwen is going to let one singer go, and Blake is going to get his fifth and final team member.  Even Gwen admits this pairing’s a mismatch:  reggae queen Anita Antoinette against redneck rocker Craig Wayne Boyd.  Gwen and guest advisor Taylor Swift persuade him to trim his hair and beard, and change to a more urban-looking jacket.  He sings “Can’t You See” (originally by Marshall Tucker).  Anita sings a below-average reggae song.  Blake’s babbling about Boyd was originally on his team, and he compares him to that girl you broke up with and now she’s hotter than ever.  Gwen picks Anita Antoinette, although I wouldn’t.  (She’s got great soul but this season’s full of great soul singers.)  Maybe it’s because Blake is so vocal about letting everyone know he wants Boyd back, but I’d think that would give Gwen all the more reason to hang on to him, and make Blake take Anita (when he could’ve had Blessing Offor).  Blake does get Boyd back.  “I got my girl back!” he wisecracks.

Here are the judges’ teams that will sing for viewers’ votes starting next week:

Adam:  alt-rocker Matt McAndrew with his voice like David Cook, alt-rocker Taylor Phelan, white soulman Chris Jamison (who broke the PA), young black soulman Damian, and big-voiced Mia Pfirrman.

Blake:  redneck rocker Craig Wayne Boyd, male country vocalist James David Carter, female country vocalist Taylor Brashears, Jewel soundalike Jessie Pitts, and Kelly Clarkson soundalike Reagan James.

Gwen:  reggae queen Anita Antoinette, aspiring teen idols Ryan Sill and Ricky Manning, alt-rocker Taylor John Williams, and jazz-flavored teen Brianna Salaz. 

Pharrell:  soulful-voiced powerhouses Danica Shirey and Sugar Joans, white soulman Luke Wade, young black soulman Elyjah Rene, and Jean Kelley with her voice like Gwen Stefani.

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The Amazing Race: Season 25, Still in Morocco, 11/1/14

November 4th, 2014 · No Comments

Starting in Marrakesh, Morocco, the final seven teams in The Amazing Race Season 25 get their first clue for this leg.  Apparently horse-drawn carriages are popular in this city and teams are told to find a certain stable and take a ride in a horse-drawn carriage.  They’re to stop at a feed storage yard first, and carry two large bags of hay to the stable.  (The bags must weigh 50 lb. each, maybe even 100 lb.)  At the end of the carriage ride, teams have to feed the horses apples.  (I guess it’s like paying their cabbie, except teams are “paying” their four-legged cabbies.)  Then the carriage driver gives them their next clue.

At the front of the pack, bicycle racers Kym/Alli and surfers Bethany/Adam take taxis to the stables.  Next to depart are the gay couple, T/T, and the black mother-daughter team Shelley/Nici.  They start trying to walk to the stables but eventually they find out it’s too far.  They fall behind.

Last to start this leg are wrestler couple Brooke/Robbie, dentist couple Misti/Jim, and scientists Amy/Maya.  The wrestlers and dentists take taxis.  The scientists try walking.  They, too, fall even further behind.

Front-runners Kym/Alli and Bethany/Adam finish their carriage ride quickly and get their next clue from the carriage driver.  It tells them Ford Fiestas are parked at a nearby mosque.  Teams are to drive themselves to a pottery stand to get the next clue.

Jim/Misti are third to finish the carriage ride, and Brooke/Robbie are fourth.  Shelley/Nici, T/T, and Amy/Maya are all having trouble finding the hay and/or the stables.

Kym/Alli are 1st to reach the pottery stand, which is more like a huge pottery yard, with thousands of pots over a large piece of land.  When they find the clue box practically buried among the pots, it contains detour instructions.

For one detour, teams may pitch a tent according to the customs of the nomadic Berber tribe.  For the other, teams may milk goats in a nearby goat pen, then hand-churn the milk, putting it in a leather bag and shaking it until they get three oz. of goat butter.  Kym/Alli choose to make butter.

Jim/Misti are the 2nd team to reach the pottery yard.  They decide to pitch a tent because, Jim says, they won’t have to work with animals.

Adam/Bethany and Brooke/Robbie are the next teams to reach the pottery yard.  They pick the butter detour.

Around this time the three trailing teams are finishing their carriage rides.  T/T are 5th, Shelley/Nici, 6th,  and Amy/Maya are 7th.  However, Shelley/Nici can’t find the pottery stand.  (At one point the camera caught them passing a large amount of pottery, so it’s possible they drove right past it.)  They drive a considerable distance and finally stop and ask directions at what looks like a government building.  A man who speaks English gives them directions, but one of the women complains they’ve wasted about three hours.  That may be correct.

Adam/Bethany arrive at the goat pen.  Kym/Alli get enough milk in their milk bowl, but then they find out churning the butter will take 45 min.  They decide to try pitching the tent instead.  Pitching the tent, however, proves too hard, so they switch back.

The wrestlers arrive at the goat pen.  Girl wrestler Brooke starts trying to catch a goat with “big boobs,” as she puts it.

The female scientists find the pottery yard and choose to churn butter.  They approach it in a scientific way, talking about how it needs force.  When T/T get their detour clue, they choose to pitch a tent.

Dentists Misti/Jim are the first team to complete either detour.  Their next clue says to drive to a wilderness recreation area in the Atlas Mountains.  When they get there, they find a roadblock that combines daredevil feats with putting a puzzle together.  One racer must cross a canyon on a rope-and-plank bridge that’s like something out of an Indiana Jones movie.  As if that weren’t enough, the bridge doesn’t even have planks for a considerable length, turning the crossing into a tightrope walk.  Racers wear safety harnesses but it’s still amazing that nobody slips off the rope and ends up hanging over the canyon.  Next comes a zip line, after which the racer must stop and assemble a sliding puzzle.   When the puzzle’s completed, a man must approve it, and if it’s correct, the racer gets strapped to a zip line for the return trip.

The man who unhooks racers at the opposite end hands out the next clue, which is for this leg’s pit stop.  Misti does the RB, and she and her husband head for the pit stop, a casbah on the outskirts of Marrakesh.  The couple take 1st place for this leg and win a trip to Brazil.

Adam/Bethany and T/T finish their detours.  Adam/Bethany get to the RB just after Misti/Jim leave.  Bethany has to do what RBs she can–something may come up that she can’t do–so she does this one.  Being a surfer, and wearing a safety harness, she has the ability to balance on the high bridge.  When she gets to the puzzle, she finds she can’t hold the pieces together with just one hand, so she takes off her shoes and uses her feet.

The three teams still at the goat pen finish churning butter:  Kym/Alli, then Amy/Maya, and finally Brooke/Robbie.  As the last two teams leave, Shelley/Nici arrive.  The scientists and wrestlers know this means another team’s in last place.  The mother-daughter team hope they can catch up, but we know the butter-churning will take them about 45 min.

Adam/Bethany get their pit stop clue and depart before T/T arrive at the RB.  Te Jay does the RB because he’s good with puzzles–but not with heights.  Kym/Alli arrive shortly after and Alli does the RB.  She and Te Jay agree to work together to solve the puzzle.  They finish and their teams start driving to the casbah.

Brooke/Robbie reach the RB before the scientists do–the scientists miss a turn and have to go back.  Brooke does the RB, but she’s getting loud and emotional over the bridge and the puzzle.  Maya catches up with her, reassuring her, explaining how the pieces match.  Brooke’s able to complete the RB more calmly.

Adam/Bethany get to the pit stop in 2nd place.  Kym/Alli are 3rd.  (The three top teams are proving to be the dominant teams of this season.)  T/T are 4th.  Brooke/Robbie are fifth–they make a grand entrance, him piggybacking her and twirling her around.

Maya finishes her puzzle and zips back to Amy.  Shelley/Nici haven’t arrived at the RB yet.  Amy/Maya are the 6th team to arrive at the pit stop.

Shelley/Nici finish churning the butter.  Shelley (the mother) does the RB.  They reach the pit stop last and find they’re eliminated.  They probably were the weakest of the remaining teams anyway.  “The good news is,” Phil tells them, “mother and daughter are connected again.”  After that blow-up two legs ago, they haven’t had a major argument since.

Commercials for the next episode tease that teams will be go-cart racing in Italy.

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Beyond Reality – Dancing with the Stars – S19 E10 – Recap 11/3/14

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Amazing Race S25 E6 Recap 10/31/14

November 1st, 2014 · No Comments

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The Amazing Race: Season 25, Morocco, 10/24/14

October 31st, 2014 · No Comments

At this point in The Amazing Race Season 25, eight teams are left, and they all get on the same flight from Copenhagen, Denmark, to Marrakesh, Morocco.  The previous leg was non-elimination, and Misti/Jim (the married couple who are both dentists) came in last.  That means they’ll have to perform a speed bump on this leg.  The other teams are:  Kym/Alli (bicycle racers), young gay couple Tim/TeJay (T/T), wrestlers Brooke/Robbie, soul surfer Bethany and her husband Adam, mother-daughter Shelly/Nici, candy scientists Amy/Maya, and Keith/Whitney (engaged couple who met on Survivor).

On arrival in Marrakesh, teams catch taxis from the airport to the Jemaa Al Fnaa marketplace.  First challenge is for the eight teams to help eight food vendors unload their huge carts and set up their stalls.  This is neither a roadblock nor a detour.  It’s just an extra challenge.

Except Misti/Jim have to do their speed bump first.  They have to take eight large carpets (they’ve got to be several square yards each) from a carpet vendor and hang them up on a wire, using long poles, so they can be displayed for sale.  When they’ve hung all eight carpets, they can set up a food stall.  Phil appears to tell us they’re at least 12 min. behind any other team.

Teams finish the food cart challenge in the following order:  Keith/Whitney, Kym/Alli, Brooke/Robbie, Shelley/Nici, Amy/Maya, Adam/Bethany, T/T, and finally Misti/Jim.

Their next clue directs them to a tannery.  Here teams must complete a roadblock.  One team member must take the hair off three goat hides.  (It looks like they just pull it off with their hands, rather than scraping it off with a scraper.)  Then the racer must load three bundles of hides on a bicycle and deliver them to a cobbler.

All teams have trouble finding the tannery, so the running order gets scrambled:  Keith/Whitney, Amy/Maya, Brooke/Robbie, Adam/Bethany, T/T, Kym/Alli, Shelley/Nici, Jim/Misti.  Bethany thinks she can do this RB.  She can pull the hair off using one hand while holding the hide with her feet.  She has trouble loading her bike, so she graciously accepts some help from some guys.  Then she doesn’t pedal her bike, she just straddles and walks it.

Everyone has trouble finding the cobbler’s shop and, amazingly, everyone ends up at the shop at the same time.  It’s chaos as people rush to turn in their hides, get their receipts, and get back on their bikes.

Once back at the tannery, Keith/Whitney and Shelley/Nici have an argument over who’s first in line for the next clue.  It does look like Keith cut in line.  (Maybe he thought those women weren’t “really” in line?  They were “just” standing there?  Who knows?)  Keith/Whitney don’t give in, and get the next clue first.  Now these teams don’t like each other, and the clue warns about a double U-turn coming up.

The clue at the tannery directs teams to a clue box where they find instructions for this leg’s detour.  One choice is “Tea Time.”  Teams who choose this have to go to a restaurant and serve tea in traditional Moroccan style.  They have to wear traditional Moroccan dress.  The tray has to be held a certain way.  The tea has to be poured a certain way.  Adam/Bethany, T/T, Brooke/Robbie, and Jim/Misti pick the tea service.

The other detour is for traditional Moroccan music and dance.  It’s called “Twirl Time” but it could also be called “Tassel Time” or “Tassel Twirl.”  Moroccan street musicians have a routine where one man plays a drum while the other plays some other kind of percussion and twirls his head in time to the music, so the tassel on his fez spins round and round.  Teams who choose this have to wear traditional Moroccan dress with fezes and tassels.  One team member plays a drum while the other spins his/her head, making the tassel twirl continuously for one minute.  If the fez falls off or the racer breaks rhythm, the timing starts again.  Everyone who tries it complains about getting dizzy.

Kim/Alli,  Whitney/Keith, Shelley/Nici, and Amy/Maya choose the music.  Keith and Whitney have the most trouble with it.  She can’t keep the tassel twirling.  She switches to the drum, but he can’t keep the tassel twirling, either.  He goes back to the drum, and she keeps trying to keep the tassel twirling.  She wants to switch detours but he tells her that if they get U-turned, they”ll have to complete this anyway.

Adam/Bethany are first to finish either detour.  Kym/Alli are the first to finish the dance, and the second to complete either detour.  Next clue says to make their way to a nearby restaurant.  Here’s where teams find a double U-turn board.  They also find clue envelopes for the pit stop, at a nearby carpet shop.  Neither front-running team U-turns anybody.

Kym/Alli place first, winning the leg and $5,000 each.  Bethany/Adam are second.

Shelley/Nici finish the music and dance.  When they get to the U-turn board, they U-turn Keith/Whitney.

T/T, Jim/Misti, and Brooke/Robbie finish the tea service.  Amy/Maya finish the dance.  None of them U-turn anybody.  Keith/Whitney are the only team left at either detour.

T/T are third at the pit stop.  Shelley/Nici are fourth, Brooke/Robbie fifth, Jim/Misti sixth, and Amy/Maya, seventh.

Keith/Whitney finally switch detours, go to the restaurant, and complete the tea service.  They get to the U-turn board and find out they’re the only team that’s been U-turned.  However, it means nothing, because they’re the last team on the course anyway.

It’s dark by the time Keith/Whitney get the tassel-twirl dance right.  (A screen graphic says elapsed time is 2 hrs. 9 min.  I assume that’s the total time they spent on both detours.)  They get to the mat and Phil tells them they’re eliminated.  Whitney comments that if they’d just chosen the tea service to begin with, they may have made first place.


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Survivor Live – Jeff Schroeder Sits Down With Castaway Dale Wentworth

October 31st, 2014 · No Comments

Survivor Live Guest Host Jeff Schroeder sits down with the sixth castaway from Survivor: San Juan Del Sur, Dale Wentworth, to talk about the game so far.

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Racers Face a Frightening Road Block Tonight on The Amazing Race

October 31st, 2014 · 1 Comment


“I Feel Like I Just Kissed A Goat” (Marrakech, Morocco) – Racers struggle on a frightening Road Block when they’re suspended high above the Atlas Mountains, on THE AMAZING RACE, Friday, Oct. 31 (8:00-9:00 PM, ET/PT) on the CBS Television Network.

Remaining Teams in THE AMAZING RACE:

Adam and Bethany
Maya and Amy
Brooke and Robbie
Kym and Allie
Misti and Jim
Shelley and Nici
Tim and Te Jay

Following are the 11 teams, listed in no particular order:

Name: Adam Dirks
Age: 26
Hometown: Princeville, Hawaii
Connection to teammate: Married

Name: Bethany Hamilton
Age: 24
Hometown: Princeville, Hawaii
Connection to teammate: Married
Follow on Twitter: @bethanyhamilton
Follow on YouTube: TheBethanyHamilton

Name: Maya Warren
Age: 29
Hometown: Madison, Wic.
Connection to teammate: Food scientist and friend/co-worker
Follow on Twitter: @MayaWarren

Name: Amy DeJong
Age: 24
Hometown: Madison, Wisc.
Connection to teammate: Food scientist and friend/co-worker
Follow on Twitter: @AmyEDeJong

Name: Brooke Adams
Age: 29
Hometown: Houston, Texas
Connection to teammate: Dating
Follow on Twitter: @realbrookeadams

Name: Robbie E. Strauss
Age: 30
Hometown: Woodbridge, N.J.
Connection to teammate: Dating
Follow on Twitter: @robbieeimpact

Name: Kym Perfetto
Age: 30
Hometown: Brooklyn, N.Y.
Connection to teammate: Friends
Follow on twitter: @kymnonstop
Follow on YouTube: KymNonStop

Name: Alli Forsythe
Age: 26
Hometown: New York
Connection to teammate: Friends
Follow on Twitter: @alliforsythe

Name: Misti Raman
Age: 36
Hometown: Columbia, S.C.
Connection to teammate: Married

Name: Jim Raman
Age: 37
Hometown: Columbia, S.C.
Connection to teammate: Married

Name: Shelley Porter
Age: 42
Hometown: Detroit, Mich.
Connection to teammate: Mother

Name: Nici Porter
Age: 24
Hometown: Detroit, Mich.
Connection to teammate: Daughter
Follow on Twitter: @PrettyEyesRTB

Name: Timothy Tsao
Age: 23
Hometown: Pasadena, Calif.
Connection to teammate: Dating Follow on Twitter:

Name: Te Jay McGrath
Age: 24
Hometown: Pasadena, Calif.
Connection to teammate: Dating Eliminated Teams:

Name: Lisa Thomson (ELIMINATED 9/26)

Age: 28
Hometown: Miami Beach, Fla.
Connection to teammate: Sisters
Follow on Twitter: @LisaAThomson

Name: Michelle Thomson
Age: 22
Hometown: Miami, Fla.
Connection to teammate: Sisters
Follow on Twitter: @IsellMiami

Name: Dennis Hour (ELIMINATED 10/3)

Age: 30
Hometown: Tustin, Calif.
Connection to teammate: Dating
Follow on Twitter: @DennisHour

Name: Isabelle Du
Age: 28
Hometown: Tustin, Calif.
Connection to teammate: Dating
Follow on Twitter: @isabelledu

Name: Michael Ward (ELIMINATED 10/10)

Age: 40
Hometown: Boston, Mass.
Connection to teammate: Friend and fellow firefighter

Name: Scott Strazzullo
Age: 39
Hometown: Boston, Mass.
Connection to teammate: Friend and fellow firefighter

Name: Whitney Duncan (ELIMINATED 10/24)

Age: 29
Hometown: Nashville, Tenn.
Connection to teammate: Engaged
Follow on twitter: @whitneyduncan

Name: Keith Tollefson
Age: 29
Hometown: Nashville, Tenn.
Connection to teammate: Engaged
Follow on twitter: @keithtollefson

THE AMAZING RACE sends 11 teams on a trek around the world. Each Team is comprised of two people who have a pre-existing relationship with one another. At every destination, each Team competes in a series of challenges – some mental and some physical – and when the tasks have been completed, they learn their next destination. Teams who are farthest behind will gradually be eliminated as the contest progresses, with the first team to arrive at the final destination winning at least $1 million.

Jerry Bruckheimer, Bertram van Munster, Jonathan Littman, Elise Doganieri and Mark Vertullo are the executive producers for Jerry Bruckheimer Television and Earthview Inc. in association with ABC Studios and Amazing Race Productions. THE AMAZING RACE was created by Bertram van Munster and Elise Doganieri.

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Hyper-Gravity Weight Training Clothing Presented Tonight on Shark Tank

October 31st, 2014 · No Comments


“Episode 609″ – A man from Cumming, Georgia promotes unique exercise clothing that provides hyper-gravity weight training; a Spokane, Washington entrepreneur has a product to appeal to today’s “urban beardsman” with beard oils, mustache waxes and a community for facial hair aficionados; two New Yorkers have a karaoke machine that adds jaw-dropping vocal harmonies to help users sound like their favorite stars; belts that are easy for kids to use from a St. Louis, Missouri woman; and a follow up story on Barbara Corcoran’s deal from last season, Grace & Lace, hand-knitted socks and legwarmers, on “Shark Tank,” FRIDAY, OCTOBER 31 (9:00-10:01 p.m., ET) on the ABC Television Network. [Read more →]

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Catch Up on the First Ten Episodes of Season 21 Tonight on America’s Next Top Model

October 31st, 2014 · No Comments


“What Happens on ANTM Stays on ANTM” – (9:00-10:00 p.m. ET) (Content Rating TBD) (HDTV)

READY FOR A RECAP – Catch up on the first ten episodes of Cycle 21 which pits guys versus girls in order for one up-and-comer to take home the title of America’s Next Top Model. What started off as 31 potential contestants is narrowed down to seven remaining models. Host Tyra Banks, welcomes Miss J back to the judging panel, along with fashion PR maven Kelly Cutrone and photo shoot consultant Yu Tsai to monitor all the on-camera drama (#2116).

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