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Beyond Reality – Dancing with the Stars – Season 22 Episode 5 Chat

April 19th, 2016 · No Comments

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Casting Call – Do You Have Fish Tank in Your Home in Need of a Major Makeover ?

April 17th, 2016 · No Comments

Do you have fish tank in your home in need of a major makeover and live in the Las Vegas or Los Angeles area? Are you sick of looking at an old aquarium in your house that’s just taking up space? If so, Nancy Glass Productions wants to hear from you!

Brett and Wayde from the hit series Tanked on Animal Planet are going out on the road to makeover a lucky aquarium owner’s tank, so we’re looking for people who desperately need their in-home aquarium overhauled. We want BIG personalities who want to make a BIG change to their personal or business’s fish tank.

Please submit a bio about yourself, your location, as well as any recent photos of yourself, your family, and the fish tank in desperate need of repair. Please send all submissions to We look forward to hearing from you!

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Casting Call – Do You and Your Partner Love to Flip or Renovate Houses?

April 17th, 2016 · No Comments

Do you and your partner love to flip or renovate houses? Do you have big personalities ready for television? If so, we want to hear from you!
Nancy Glass Productions, a premiere reality TV production company is looking for couples who flips houses for a new and exciting television project. Should have experience in contracting, renovating and/or flipping houses. Married couple preferred. Seeking knowledgeable couple with great personalities.

Please submit a brief bio telling us about you and your experience, your location, any recent photos of you and your work, and let us know why you and your partner would be a perfect fit for TV! Please send all submissions to We look forward to hearing from you!

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Beyond Reality – Amazing Race – Season 28 – Episode 8 Chat – 4/15/16

April 16th, 2016 · No Comments

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The Voice: Season 10: Semi-final Results, 4/13/16

April 14th, 2016 · No Comments

by Lyn Jensen

By the time The Voice was over Wed. night, we knew who the final twelve singers of season 10 would be. As the host Carson Daley put it, “America voted” to determine which two members advanced from each team. The judges (coaches) then had to decide on one remaining team member to keep:


Voted through:  Daniel Passino, Hannah Houston

Judge’s pick:  Emily Keener

Total:  one opera-trained heartthrob, two attractive young female pop vocalists.


Voted through:  Adam Wakefield, Mary Sarah

Judge’s pick:  Paxton Ingram

Total:  two hard-country singers, one young contemporary R&B male vocalist.


Voted through:  Alisan Porter, Nick Hagelin

Judge’s pick:  Bryan Bautista

Total:  one former child star who’s widely thought to be this season’s front-runner, plus two heartthrobs.

Christina gets told she doesn’t have much time, but she talks and talks anyway, long after Carson should’ve cut her off, before she finally utters the name of her choice. That means Adam has to rush his words and make his selection as the credits roll.


Voted through:  Laith Al-Saadi, Shalyah Fearing

Judge’s pick:  Owen Danoff

Total:  three people who are, in one way or another, seventies’ throwbacks–one classic rocker, one young but old-school R&B female vocalist, and one guitar-strumming son of a seventies’ top-forty star.

I think I’ll write a letter to The Voice and tell them to give Adam a break next season and force another judge to decide on someone just as the credits are rolling.


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Beyond Reality – Survivor 32 Kaoh Rong Episode 9 Chat – 4/13/16

April 14th, 2016 · No Comments

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The Voice: Season 10, Team Adam and Team Pharrell, 4/12/16

April 13th, 2016 · No Comments

by Lyn Jensen

Featured singers:  Brian Nhira, Hannah Houston, Nate Butler, Caity Peters, Daniel Passino, Emily Keener, Moushumi, Caroline Burns, Shalyah Fearing, Owen Danoff, Lacy Mandigo, Laith Al-Saadi.

Team Adam and Team Pharrell sang for viewers’ votes on the second night of The Voice semi-finals, and tonight we’ll find out who makes the final twelve. (If you want to make an educated guess, check out the iTunes chart, more on that later.) Only two contestants from each team make the finals on the basis of viewers’ votes, plus each judge gets to select one more finalist. That means the amount of talent trying to squeeze into the finals can be like an overload of data trying to stream through a portal–or not:

1.  Team Pharrell:  Bringing back opera-trained Daniel Passino as a Wild Card makes sense–except he just adds to the data overload trying to stream through the portal. He brings drama as well as vocal technique to Bruno Mars’ “When I Was Your Man.” Blake says, “You just put yourself right back in the mix again.” Passino is the only male vocalist on Team Pharrell. Will that make him stand out?

2.  Team Pharrell:  One of Pharrell’s talented teens is seventeen-year-old Emily Keener. Pharrell calls her part of the future of music. She plays keyboards and sings Paul Simon’s “Still Crazy After All These Years.” Her voice is prettier than Simon’s, that much is beyond doubt. Pharrell tells her afterward, “It was like we were in a seventies’ coffee shop in New York or San Francisco.”

3.  Team Adam:  This season’s rocker, Laith Al-Saadi, blues-shouts “With a Little Help from my Friends,” copying Joe Cocker’s vocals. Christina notes afterward that he seems to have let loose even more than he has before. Pharrell’s so impressed he says, “If you love classic rock, you gotta vote for him!” Adam adds that some of the contestants can light up the room–and Laith lights it up in “a different way.”

4. Team Pharrell:  With a small voice in a field of big ones, Moushumi isn’t one of this season’s front-runners. She and Pharrell work out a stripped-down version of Justin Beiber’s “Love Yourself.” Pharrell advises backing like “Lorde’s record.” Then Adam complains he would have liked the performance to be more stripped-down.  

5.  Team Pharrell:  Metal-head child Lacy Mandigo is on her third coach, indicating she’s been mismatched twice. She gives what may be her best performance, rocking up Pat Benatar’s “Love is a Battlefield,” taking all of Benatar’s Juliard styling out of it. Blake says afterward that Mandigo’s this young girl and then, “this monster comes out of her when she starts to sing.” Pharrell calls her a nineties baby that behaves like an eighties baby.

6.  Team Adam:  One of this season’s contestants who has built-in name recognition, Owen Danoff is the son of a Starland Vocal Band member. He takes the contemporary hit, “Hero” and gives the audience another trip back to a seventies-era coffee shop, despite the material. Blake says, “You made it seem like your own song.” Pharrell talks about Owen’s unique tone, and Adam speaks of, “speaking to me through that song.”

7.  Team Adam:  Another singer who’s been cut by two coaches, Shalyah Fearing can’t sing Beyoncé’s “Listen,” except Adam tells her that crack in her voice is a good thing. Even though she’s more about volume than range, coaches and crowd freak out over her performance. Carson Daly’s babbling about Olympic skating and Adam’s talking about her “message,” even though I couldn’t understand the words. “You’re a finalist!” Adam gushes. So apparently he’s telling us he’s already made up his mind that Fearing is one of his final three.

8.  Team Adam:  Several Levine-influenced guys started this season but Team Adam now lacks one, except for Nate Butler, brought back as Adam’s Wild Card. He demonstrates a smooth white-soul vibe on “Sarah Smiles.” Blake likes the result, “Just when we’ve heard it all, you throw in one of those crazy runs.” Since Butler’s already been rejected once, however, he’s going to have trouble fitting into the finals.

9.  Team Pharrell:  An Adele song, “I’ll be Waiting,” probably isn’t the best choice for Caity Peters. She needs more of an alternative style, like in the knockout rounds when she did Sam Smith’s “Leave Your Lover.”

10.  Team Adam:  Neither Caroline Burns nor her song selection, “All I Want,” show much range or personality. Pharrell talks about how her song was country/folkie but I didn’t hear much country or folk in it.

11.  Team Adam:  Like Fearing, Brian Nhira is probably too young and inexperienced for this field. Adam advises him to bring gospel overtones to Sia’s “Alive.” The judges are impressed with his vocal technique. Christina comments on his “crazy range.” Pharrell remarks on his ability to stay in key even when the notes are so high. Adam adds, “You will never have to sing a harder song” than this one.

12.  Team Pharrell:  Nebraska schoolteacher Hannah Houston shows more drama than vocal technique on Areatha Franklin’s churchy “Ain’t No Way.” Houston has the kind of voice that’s the best in a school or church setting–but not on a nationally televised singing contest. Blake comments, “You exude a combination of frustration and desperation.” Is that a good thing?

Peeking at the iTunes charts shows Shalyah Fearing and Owen Danoff are the best sellers for Team Adam. Daniel Passino and Hannah Houston are the best-sellers for Team Pharrell.  However, only Team Christina’s Alisan Porter, who came with readymade name recognition, looks like she’s selling well enough to have her iTunes sales added to her vote total. As for the others, how well does their iTunes chart position indicate their vote total?


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The Voice: Season 10, Team Blake and Team Christina, 4/11/16

April 12th, 2016 · No Comments

by Lyn Jensen

Semi-final vote happens this week on The Voice, with Team Blake and Team Christina singing last night, while Team Pharrell and Team Adam sing tonight. Last season’s sleazy Wild Card twist is back–the judges can break it off with somebody and then turn around and call them back. Its only redeeming feature is that a judge can call back anybody who made battle rounds or better. The rule should be that the judge must call somebody back from another team.

1.  Team Blake:  The younger of Blake’s two black R&B vocalists, Paxton Ingram, sings “How Deep is Your Love?” but it’s not the Bee Gees’ seventies ballad. It’s a contemporary electronic hit by Calvin Harris, the kind of frothy pop that appeals to his and Taylor Swift’s fans. Blake likes the way Paxton commands the stage and Christina finds him entertaining. His problem is, there are more powerful singers on Team Blake.

2.  Team Christina:  With a vocal style similar to Adam Levine’s, Ryan Quinn started out on Team Adam and now is not one of Team Christina’s top seeds. He sings a super-quiet cocktail-lounge version of Sam Smith’s “I’m Not the Only One.” Adam likes what Christina’s done–but the voting public is likely to be looking for bigger fish.

3.  Team Blake:  One of Blake’s two female country vocalists, Katie Basden sings a Trisha Yearwood song, “Georgia Rain.” Blake says Basden has the same full tones as Yearwood and Carrie Underwood. He also calls his old-school country singer “the biggest, rangiest singer on this show” although I’m not sure, given who’s on some other teams. He thinks she’s the future of country music–but given that Team Blake has three other country singers, she may not even be the future of The Voice.

4.  Team Christina:  Perhaps the biggest joke of this season is the suggestion that Kata Hay can sing–at least that’s probably what Simon Crowell would say. She babbles how she wants to combine country and soul–but that’s called rock, Honey. She says she’s won yodeling championships–but even her yodeling sounds like some barnyard animal. Her barnyard-animal notes slaughter “You Make me Feel Like a Natural Woman.” The judges say nice things but the fact remains–there are much, much better vocalists on Team Christina.

5.  Team Christina:  For her Wild Card, Christina has chosen Nick Hagelin, formerly of Team Pharrell.  He’s the former dancer who’s trying to switch careers. He sings Rhianna’s “Stay” in a way that suggests his true home may be on Team Adam.

6.  Team Blake:  An entertainer as well as a vocalist, Joe Maye electrifies the room with “Long Train Running.” Hitting some amazingly long notes, he brings on a refreshing case of the blues. Blake compares Maye to Bruno Mars and says he has a shot to win. Christina concurs that it was his best performance of the season.

7.  Team Blake:  One of Blake’s two male country vocalists, Adam Wakefield is likely this season’s top country breakout, and he sings like it. Blake compares his “studly Adam” to Travis Tritt, Ronnie Milsap, and Chris Stapleton. He assigns him a story song, “Seven Spanish Angels.” The other Adam (Levine) comments afterward about how Wakefield’s the type of singer that entertains with his voice.

8.  Team Christina:  Voice host Carson Daly calls Tamar Davis the “Houston powerhouse.” She, not Alisan Porter, may be Christina’s number one seed. The Real Xtina assigns her some “new school” soul, “Rise Up,” and the performance demonstrates how her voice can go from here to here to here. Pharrell says she’s got “a rainbow of range” and you need an elevator to get from the bottom to the top of it. Blake thinks it’s the best performance she’s had so far.

9.  Team Blake:  Sheldon’s other country girl, Mary Sarah, can hit notes that’d give Jennifer Lopez goosebumps, but she performs an ill-advised arrangement of the seventies’ Joe South composition, “Rose Garden.” The slow parts are too slow and the quick parts are too quick for her technique. Her performance makes her being advanced to Blake’s final three in doubt.

10.  Team Christina:  Too much emphasis on falsetto (on the contemporary hit “Pillow Talk”) puts Bryan Bautista on the bubble to make Christina’s final three, despite an enthusiastic response from the judges–and the ladies in the studio audience.

11.  Team Blake:  After being kicked off Team Blake to make room for Mary Sarah, Justin Whisnant is called back as Blake’s Wild Card. He sings “Here’s a Quarter, Call Someone Who Cares.” Blake notes he’s not as polished as Adam Wakefield, he’s a little rougher around the edges. Unless country voters flock to Blake’s two country guys, Whisnant may be cut from Team Blake a second time.

12.  Team Christina:  Showing her rocking blues-shouting side, Alisan Porter gets gritty with Janis Joplin’s “Cry Baby.” (She posted a popular version of the song online some time ago.) She nails the high parts–but a weak bottom end is showing. Her fan base is sufficient for her to be voted into the finals, but if she continues to show flaws, she’s not a sure winner.

NBC hasn’t posted the Wild Cards for Team Adam and Team Pharrell but word on the Internet is that Nate Butler (with his high Levine-like voice) is returning to Team Adam and opera-trained Daniel Passano (whom Christina squandered) is on the move to Team Pharrell.

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Beyond Reality – Dancing with the Stars – Season 22 Episode 4 Chat

April 12th, 2016 · No Comments

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Beyond Reality – Amazing Race – Season 28 – Ep 7 Chat – 4/08/16

April 10th, 2016 · No Comments

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