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Flashback: The Amazing Race 3/31/13 Recap

May 25th, 2013 · No Comments

My recap of the episode that aired 3/31/13, in which seven teams in Africa battle crocs, speeding tickets, native seduction dances, and uncooperative donkeys.

This episode begins with a behind-the-scenes byte of several teams watching an elephant herd come down to the river at the Meno a Kwena safari resort camp. Early seasons had more of these types of shots, teams mingling between legs, and I’d like to see a return to it.

Bates/Anthony (brothers and pro hockey players)  are 1st team to depart, 5:59 a.m. w/ the clue being that their next destination is Boko, a native village. The remaining teams depart within the next hr. or so. Max/Katie, in last place, lose even more time because they have trouble remembering where they parked their SUV.

The hockey players stop at what looks like a tourist agency for directions and are warned the village is hard to find. Team You Tube (Joey/Meghan) stop at a gas station for directions. Joey observes his generation is “so used to GPS” it’s hard to get
directions without it.

Much of the episode focuses on the blondes (Caroline/Jennifer), who get a speeding ticket, have to pay the fine, and have to find a Good Samaritan who’ll help them exchange some currency so they can pay the fine.

When the hockey players reach the village, they get a choice of fast forward or roadblock. They’re hot to do the fast forward, until they find out what it is. They have to waterski for a mile along a waterway that’s posted with warnings about crocodiles.

Bates worries he may not be able to stay up on his skis that long, but they decide to take the risk. The boatmen tell them the waterway’s been checked for crocodiles, and to ski ’til they reach the “red buoys” and watch for the “cut” sign. (Then get the H*ll out of the water!)

They get up on their skis, stay up for the entire route, and just as they’re climbing aboard they spot a crocodile sliding off a bank and into the water.  They got in the boat just in time!

They receive instructions to water taxi and then take a land “safari taxi” to the pit stop at a resort called Royal Tree Lodge.

Pam and Winnie arrive at the roadblock, find the clue is “Who wants to be up a creek w/o a paddle?” Although it’s a roadblock, both team members must participate. The person performing the roadblock catches two goats in the
village pen, puts them in a dugout canoe, then uses a pole instead of a paddle to ferry the goats upstream to another pen. The other team member has to go along to hang on to the goats. (Don’t want them jumping out where a croc might
get ’em!)

Chuck/Wynona arrive and she has she has to do the roadblock, pushing the canoe upriver with a pole, because Chuck’s done several in arow. The singers and Beth/Mona also arrive and start the roadblock.  All the women have trouble handling the pole.  It’s a task requiring strength, even though kids can do it.  Meanwhile, Joey/Meghan are lost, still trying to find the village.

As for Max and Katie, they get a speeding ticket from the same cops in the same place as the blondes. “African speed trap,” says Max, and he may be right.  They have to pay the fine. They have the local currency to do it with, but on the way out of the parking lot, Max backs into a telephone pole. They can cont. to drive but with a dent in their rear fender.

About the time Pam/Winnie and Chuck/Wynona complete the roadblock, the hockey players get to the pit stop, winning $7500 each. It’s their 3rd 1st place.  Beth/Mona and the blondes also complete the roadblock. Teams take water taxis
and then a safari shuttle to the Royal Tree Lodge, where they’ll pick up a clue for a detour.

Joey/Meghan turn a corner and spot Max/Katie’s dented SUV. They’re overjoyed to catch up with another team, but both teams run the rest of the leg convinced they’re dueling for last place.

The two teams get to the roadblock but 1st Max/Katie have to perform their speed bump. Time, not difficulty, is the major factor here. They have to dress up in beaded grass skirts, put on red face paint, and shake their rear ends to some
uptempo African drumming. The dance is ID’ed as a “seduction” dance, no further explanation.  Meanwhile, Joey has started trying to move a dugout, loaded with goats and Meghan, upriver.  Being a slightly built guy, he has trouble, too.

Pam/Winnie arrive 1st at the detour, where the choice is “brains” or “brawn.”  Pam/Winnie pick “brawn.” They have to pile a large load of firewood on a land sled, and drive a four-donkey team, luring the animals with a carrot on a stick,
through a half-mile of brush, then unload the wood.

“Brains” is a memory challenge. Chuck/Wynona pick it. Teams must ride horseback along a safari trail, and spot wooden cutouts of African animals at various points. At the end of the trail, teams must take wooden tiles printed or carved w/ the animal silhouettes, and place them in the order they saw them.  If they get it wrong, they have to ride the trail again.

Pam/Winnie can’t get their donkeys to move. When Beth/Mona and Caroline/Jennifer show up and get their donkeys moving, the Asian-American women decide to switch to “brains.”

Back at the roadblock, Max agrees he’s the one who’s “up a creek w/o a paddle.”  He’s probably the only racer on-course who actually has the upper body strength to handle the dugout properly. He and Katie are able to make up most of the time they lost on the speed bump. They depart the roadblock perhaps five min. behind Team You Tube.

Beth/Mona get to the pit stop in 2nd place. The blonde country singers are 3rd, Chuck/Wynona, 4th.

Three teams are still on course. Pam/Winnie twice try the memory challenge. We know they keep missing the ostrich, but they don’t. They think they’re supposed to count a bird roosting on a hippo as two, and they mistake a rhino for a hippo.

Team You Tube and the newlyweds battle their way through the “brawn” challenge, w/ several lead changes while trying to manage the unruly donkeys and terrain.  “Quite  a finish,” Phil comments as Joey/Meghan outrun Max/Katie to the mat by
perhaps 50 yards.

Then he lets ’em know, there’s still another team on course, so Team You Tube is 5th and the newlyweds are 6th.

Pam/Winnie switch back to “brawn” and this time get their donkeys to move, bu they’re too late. They’re eliminated, despite being a team that previously showed ability to make top three at least.

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