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Canada’s Next Top Model – June 30 Episode Recap

July 2nd, 2009 · No Comments

Canada’s Next Top Model – Bright Lights – No Pity

Aired: June 30, 2009

The girls arrived home after panel and are welcomed by a Jay Mail, which told them that he was high on a tower. Much to Nikita’s dislike, the girls went up to the top of the tower by elevator, where Nikita explained that she was afraid of heights. At the top, Jay said the view reminded him of the view from his apartment in New York, and surprised the girls by saying that they could see his apartment for themselves, as they were going to New York City. All of the girls except for Maryam screamed with excitement when they learned they would be going on go-sees and meeting designers, but Maryam told Jay she still didn’t have her passport; it was coming. Jay explained how last time, when the others went to the Bahamas, he provided Maryam with a special mock photo shoot, but this time, in fairness to the other girls, he couldn’t do that and she would be staying in Toronto.

The four girls arrived to the bright lights of the Big Apple and found out they’d be staying in the Presidential Suite at the Sheraton New York hotel. A Jay Mail informed the girls they only had two minutes to get out the door and would be heading on their go-sees, leaving them no time to unpack. Jay told them that they would have $100 spending cash, a map, their portfolios and an LG cell phone with their first appointment and a number to text to find out the location of their next one.

At first, all of the girls struggled to find a taxi, not knowing how to flag one down. Meaghan upset Nikita twice: first when she took a taxi she had already flagged down, and second when she was already at a location when Nikita arrived. Heather also did poorly, having forgotten her high heels at the apartment and only having boots. Linsay changed into her pants in the taxi. Meaghan left her portfolio at the previous agency and didn’t have it for her current go-see, but the designer told her that he knows when he sees a girl who photographs well, and feels that Meaghan is a good photograph model.

Linsay and Meaghan arrived back at the agency first, followed by Heather. Nikita struggled to return back by 5:00, having traveled part of the way on foot until there were no more buildings and then paying $40 to hitchhike back. However, she arrived back at the agency late.

Elmer Olsen from Elmer Olsen Models, one of the sponsors of this cycle’s prizes, came out, surprising the girls. He explained to Nikita that being late makes a really bad impression, and announced that two girls were very close to winning. In the end, Meaghan won the challenge for her strong look and runway walk. Linsay placed in a very close second, followed by Heather and Nikita in the bottom 2.

They met Nolé Marin on a rooftop at 230 Fifth, which overlooked the New York City skyline, for the next photoshoot, who was joined by Sutan, the lead makeup artist on America’s Next Top Model. The girls learned that they would be doing two shoots this week, two different alter egos, which would be compiled into one photo. In the first shot, the girls would have to imagine themselves as being a different geeky crew member, and in the second they had to imagine themselves as a diva.

The girls worked to get into character for the geeky alter ego, and played with the geeky glasses that were a part of the wardrobe. All of the girls did a decent job. For the diva alter ego, the girls had extreme makeup and wigs dyed by Perfect 10, with hair colors different to the hair they had. All of the girls managed to pull off a great shot, while Linsay impressed Nolé by really thinking about her poses and how they would look compiled together. Back in Toronto, Maryam worked hard to make up not participating in the photoshoot. She called a friend who was a photographer, and did a photo shoot with a gecko.

After the photo shoot, the girls received a ‘Jay Mail’ telling them they had a $5,000 Visa card to spend in New York. They decided to split it four ways, and went shopping on Bleecker Street, and out to a nice restaurant for a dinner out.

Back in Canada, the girls were judged on their photos. Linsay impressed the judges with her strong performance at the go-sees, and for her good photo. Meaghan, Nikita and Heather also told they had good photos; Meaghan was praised for winning the go-sees, while Heather and Nikita were told they did the worst, and failed to impress very many of the designers. When Maryam was called up, she explained to the judges about the situation with not having her passport and finding a friend to help her do a photo shoot. She presented them with a photograph in an envelope, Jay said she would be evaluated on her body of work, and told her that she was definitely at a disadvantage due to missing out on the experience of traveling and meeting designers, a major part of being in the fashion industry, but thought her actions demonstrated how badly she wanted to be in the competition and the business.

After the deliberation, Linsay was called first and got photo of the week, for commanding the room during her go-sees and for her strong photo. Meaghan was called next. Jay told the remaining three girls that the judges debated over the situation over Maryam not having a passport. The judges found Maryam’s body of work strong enough for her to stay in the competition, and presented her with a blank photo, meaning that there would be no photo from this week to be added to her portfolio. Nikita and Heather landed in the bottom 2, not for their pictures, which Jay explained were not bad, just OK, but for their preformances in New York. In the end, Heather was eliminated. After her elimination, Heather said that she was a little bit relieved, because after her experience in New York, she realized that modeling was not what she wanted to do.

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